September 19, 2017

Punters Club

Last season saw a small return on your investment. Significantly more than $30,000 has been raised for the club through on course commissions over the last three seasons. There are very few opportunities’ where the club can raise this amount of money. It is important to acknowledge that there are no guaranteed returns on your $100.

We understand that the way the money is invested is not a traditional punters club by letting you know in advance what the bets are to be on any given day but our punter likes to get value and sometimes only decides his bets minutes before the race.

The detailed results will be placed on the website the day following a race meeting.

Richard Bell who is one of WA’s most astute and sought after analysts will again select bets. Richard is a keen novelty player and last minute betting punter, so be aware it is not possible to notify every one of the investments.

If you are interested in joining the GTC Punter’s Club please download and complete the form below.

Rules and Conditions

1. The Punter’s Club is managed by the Geraldton Turf Club (GTC) of Utakarra Racecourse, Eastward Rd, UTAKARRA, Western Australia
Telephone 9921 8366
Facsimile: 99218292

2. Membership of the Club costs $100 and is available only to persons 18 years of age and older. Multiple memberships can be purchased.

3. The Punter’s Club is to operate for a period of nineteen Race meetings subject to there remaining sufficient funds in the betting account.

4. All membership collections and betting accounts are under the control of the GTC. No interest is payable on these accounts. All membership funds and any profits are maintained by the GTC for the term of the betting club.

5. The GTC shall have the utmost power to deal with any matter arising, whether or not that matter is specifically covered in these rules and conditions. Any decision of the GTC shall be final and conclusive, and binding upon all parties.

6. The Punter’s Club is subject to the rules, regulations and policies of both Racing and Wagering Western Australia and GTC.

7. The Punter’s Club will place totalisator investments with RWWA into betting terminals at the Geraldton Turf Club only. It is not restricted to bets on Geraldton races on that day.

8. Each member will be issued with a membership card and number, which is to be used to identify the member when making any enquiries regarding the Club.

9. At the conclusion of the nominated period, the Club will cease to operate and all monies will be divided in accordance with membership numbers. These monies will be paid directly to each registered member within thirty days following the conclusion of the nominated period, unless the GTC receives instructions to do otherwise.

10. No refunds or cancellation of membership are permitted. You are not permitted to cash out before the end date.

11. Details of the result of each Saturday’s betting will be advised on the GTC website when possible.

12. The GTC provides no guarantee whatsoever as to whether or not the membership fee will be lost as a result of the betting activities. The GTC also does not provide any undertaking that the betting activities will be profitable. Persons joining the Punter’s Club do so at their own financial risk.

13. Members should seek their own independent financial advice to ascertain whether their participation in Punter’s Club creates a personal tax liability.

14. There are no fees or charges payable by members for any services.

15. The GTC, at its sole discretion, may terminate the running of the Punter’s Club at any time.

16. Persons joining the Club agree to be bound by these conditions.

For further details contact David Wrensted at the Geraldton Turf Club on 9921 8366.

17. TAB Investments on any allocated race day are at the total discretion of the punter.